Alita is a person you can empathize with

-- Can I ask your honest opinion of Alita's big eyes? It's been a point of contention since the first previews were released overseas.

I felt uncomfortable with them before I saw the film, but halfway through I started to think she looked like Emma Stone (laugh).

-- She kind of does (laugh).

I also began to want an Alita figurine. She's a new type of character that's neither comic, anime, photo, nor simply CG. I felt like the film was a hybrid of Disney/Pixar and Marvel cinematic universe films. The motorball scenes, among others, were almost entirely CGI. CG animation and CG made to look like real life. But Alita's visual was neither animation nor photoreal. That's why I say it's a hybrid. Maybe we'll start seeing more flms like this in the near future. I think Alita: Battle Angel will end up a pioneering film.

-- Alita was brought to life by actress Rosa Salazar's performance, which was recorded using performance capture technology.

The actress they scanned has a completely different face. That must have been difficult. Because it's not a trace of the actor. Based on the actress's data, they're animating a completely original character, so you can't capture all of the fine variations in expression and acting on the set. So they must have made corrections afterwards in the CG. James Cameron is always pioneering new technology, creating new art forms by incorporating elements like CG and fluid depiction, morphing, performance capture, 3D, etc. We're all just traveling the trails he blazed.